Busy morning at 555

I went up to the genba this morning to check in. I knew the electrician was due to arrive and I wanted to talk to him. I was surprised by how many people came in the three hours I was there!

Sasaki-san and his brother were laboring, of course. They are busy working on floor structures and it is exciting to see how that’s coming along.

Bankinya-san arrived for a meeting about the roof. He wasn’t there for yesterday’s regularly scheduled meeting with Sasaki and Teramoto, so he got a tour of the newest version of the model and offered his opinion, which was “there is a better way.” I worry a bit that the weekly meeting schedule is going to slow things down – Teramoto won’t see the new concept until until next week’s meeting. The metal takes a week to prepare after being ordered and it won’t get ordered until the design is settled. We thought we’d have the roof on by the end of the month, but…

The plumbing guys brought the interior pipes this morning. They dropped these long bois into the crawlspace before the floor structure goes. This will save lots effort later. Next week, midweek, they will start connecting things up.

Then Araoka-san, our electrician, and his wife arrived. He and Sasaki-san met but I interrupted because they needed to know I have changes to the plan. The electrical and lighting plots were hastily conceived by Teramoto-san without much consultation and they are weird and inadequate. Steven and I will meet again, along with Tod, this weekend and then have a plan to present at next Monday’s meeting. Fait acompli.

During that, some inspection guys came. I didn’t fully understand what they were looking at – maybe comparing the plan and the build? They were nice guys, and in fact, I spent about 45 minutes chatting with one of them while Sasaki-san toured the other two around. The inspection, whatever it was, passed without any problems.

Kawasaki-san also appeared briefly and told me he’d be moving the bags of fertiliser out of the Tractorport this afternoon. I confirmed with him that I have permission to garden in the old field up behind the house. Expect future posts about gardening endeavors and sweary rants about monkeys.

And last but not least, Fujii-san and Shimizu-san stopped by for a consult on roof structures. They are building a roofed section at Hangar eight and wanted some information about best practices. Conveniently, the 1:1 scale model of the 555 roof showed them exactly what they needed to know.

That’s a total of fourteen people and eight vehicles at Go-go-go this morning. I hope Sasaki-san has some uninterrupted time to work this afternoon!

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