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  • New Crone’s Complete-It Club

    New Crone’s Complete-It Club

    [TLDR: I’m starting a club for older women to support one another through completing their projects and dreams.]

    A lot of my online friends are business women with grand ideas, big ambitions, and lots of energy for their careers and families. They are leaders, entrepreneurs, coaches, and generally amazing people who walk the talk. I admire them a lot. But I feel like I don’t fully connect with them and I think I have figured out why.

    One recently posted an event announcement reaching out to “growth-minded women in Japan”. She is building a community of women supporting one another in their quest for work-life balance and business successes. It sounds great, but…

    I don’t have that sort of energy any more. I am a crone who is embracing aging more deeply at this new stage of my life. Ten or 15 years ago I was “growth minded” and working hard at my business, starting a new skin care routine, taking up running. I thought I was savvy. I had no idea what was to come.

    Over the last few years, as hormones fell away, I have discovered a joyful place. I have been unmasking, recognising my wisdom, and becoming my true self. It’s incredible. I have a place in this world just the way I am. Holy shit. That’s empowering.

    Fearlessly facing facts, I know that time is not on my side any more; I’m in the final quarter of my life. I’ve got another 20-25 years, probably. Who knows how many those years will be pain-free and productive?

    So at this stage, I am ready to become a “completion-minded person in Japan” rather than one of growth. Not that I will ever stop growing, but it’s time to take action on all those grand ideas that I’ve had. Time to assess the things I have started and decide which are worth finishing. Do I want to synthesise my knowledge and experience into something that others can learn from, or enjoy, or use? Should I make beautiful things? What can I do for the world? What can I do for myself?

    I will be writing about these topics and my progress towards completion. Keeping it real with the highlights and shadows and probably some of the boring bits, too. I hope you’ll be interested in reading about that journey.

    Surely I am not alone in this drive towards completing my ideas. Are you also at this stage of your life? Perhaps nearing it? Already into it, but avoiding that reality? I propose we form a club of older women supporting one another as we figure out how to enjoy our lives and finish our projects.

    It’s the New Crones’ Complete-It Club. What will we do? I don’t know! We might try some of these things:

    • Create a list of things to complete
      • Half-completed projects
      • Unfulfilled childhood dreams
      • New projects based on long experience
    • Review what’s possible
    • Meet up for accountability on our plans to:
      • Write a book
      • Produce a film
      • Swedish Death Cleaning and decluttering
      • Put together a geneology/family history
      • Travel
    • Practice radical acceptance
    • Enjoy a group retreat

    Join by sending me a message, e-mail, or smoke signals. That makes you a founding member and we’ll figure out together what the club actually does. I made a New Crones’ Complete-It Club Facebook group as a gathering point online, but we can move it to some other platform, like a mailing list, chat group, or whatever works for a majority of members.

    See you there. Let’s Complete-It together!

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