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  • Teaching the Birds a Song

    Teaching the Birds a Song

    This morning I opened the window and heard loud and eager songbirds. A trio of brownish birds held a concert in a tangle of vines and trees.

    I listened. The cats listened. It was glorious. I tried to capture a video, but the sound quality on my phone doesn’t do it justice. Here it is anyway:

    A little bit later, I went out for a walk and heard them singing again. They are not our usual dawn chorus. Maybe just passing through. And then they whistled a car alarm.

    Oh, they are mimics! Time for some fun.

    I decided to teach them the Feral Cat song and sang it several dozen times. And after a short while, I heard it sung back to me as a phrase of their own song. I know it won’t last in their repertoire for long, but it was fun to communicate with them that way.

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