Professional dilettante

I once counted up all the jobs I’ve held since starting work at fifteen. It was 64 different functions in business, communications, arts, tech, education, performance and beyond.

I like making things easy to understand and pretty to look at. My strength lies in abstraction and simplification of complex topics into clear, simple visual and written communication and instruction.



Helping a business develop their logo is a delight. Though the process is never the same twice because each client is unique, the result is always a logo and brand identity that works across web, print, and social media.

Logos cost just 25,000 yen and include your design in ready-to-use formats (jpg, png, etc), the original Illustrator files, and a branding guide with your colors and fonts.

Social Media Campaigns

Standout social media programs, campaigns, and ads using everyone’s favorite shared tool, Canva.

Digital Illustrations

My digital illustrations have been used for presentation templates, social media campaigns, video animations, websites, and printed goods.

Layout and design services are 5,000 yen/hour. Digital illustration vary based on size and complexity.

Hand-drawn Illustrations

Old-fashioned pen & pencil on paper ensures a human touch that pixels can’t match. The examples here are published in print.

Hand-drawn illustrations start at 25,000 yen. Includes hi-res scanned versions and the original artwork.

Other Projects

Satoyama Yoga

My own “brand” of community yoga. I teach daily and have written several books for yoga teachers.

Take a peek: Satoyama Yoga


Rainbow Tomatoes Garden

An ongoing, multifaceted project with a family business in Pennsylvania.

I’ve planned executed design and copy for the website, booklets, marketing materials, shipping labels, product icons, and more.

Take a peek: Rainbow Tomatoes Garden

(2019 – present)

Drawing Meditations

Art workshops for non-artists to relax and find insight. I also produced three e-books and workbooks on intuitive art and a coloring book with audio meditations.

Take a peek: Drawing Meditations


Hangar eight

Public art project involving tiling and decorating the restrooms and shower facilities at a cafe and event venue in Chiba. (2022)

Taste of Culture

Web design, hosting, and tech advisement for a long-running Japanese cooking school. ToC has been a client for over 20 years. (1999 – present)


Curriculum development for a 3 module online course in Best Practices for Design Managers, a Short Course on Coaching, and an on-boarding program for facilitators. (2019-2020)

Head of GSD, including design & branding, writing technical and business documents, including a litepaper, fundraising pitch decks, and tech explainers. (2018-2019)

I have worked with:

American Chamber of Commerce in Japan, Clarity with Christine, Coca-Cola Japan, Duquesne University, Enfour Media, enjoi Japan KK, EMCO Foodservice, FEW Japan, FCCJ, Gold Star Moving, Hangar eight, HasGeek, Japan-America Women’s Club, Jayne Nakata, Kneith, Lawyer on Air, Mira Simic-Yamashita, MSKK, Nature’s Narrative, Office of Teramoto, Omron, Ownpath, Perot Systems, Rainbow Tomatoes Garden, Sarah Furuya Coaching,, Taste of Culture, Telerama Internet, TELL, Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Tokyo Family Stays, UBS, United Nations University

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