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Age 54, a little blurry

Despite a cold rainy day in self-quarantine, I enjoyed this birthday.

Sponge cake is leavened with whipped egg whites

I made a sponge cake and used my oven’s Auto 13 mode to bake it. Usually the oven fails at baking tasks but this cake turned out perfectly. I guess I will be switching over to sponge cakes on automatic baking mode.

Party mode!

In the evening, I hosted a virtual party via Zoom. I decorated for the video conference with fairy lights and a strong key light to bathe the room in a warm glow. Tod organised cocktails and hors d’ouvres.

Neighbors joined us online, as well as friends in Tokyo, Kawasaki, Bangalore, Hong Kong, and Leuven. We played charades and I Spy, both of which worked really well. Music over Zoom doesn’t sync, so singing happy birthday was a Picasso-esque musical experience.