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We walked to Mika for dinner tonight. It’s the closest restaurant to our house, about a kilometer away, 11 minutes on foot. It is also 11 minutes on four feet, if you are the cats who came along with us. They trotted through the back roads all the way there. I kept expecting them to stop and turn back. It’s far for little legs!But they did not. They came right up to the door. Some of the customers came out to peek at them, too. It is a curiosity to have cats come out for a walk like this.

When we’d had our fill of Korean food and paid the bill, they were hiding. I sang the song I wrote for their mother and they all came out from the bushes to walk home with us in the dark.

They are weird cats, but I love them.

Isabella Bird in the spotlight of Tod’s flashlight.

Fritter and Futatsuyama emerging from the bushes by Mika.