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Today our neighborhood policeman received a potted plant as an annual recognition for work well done in patrolling our neighborhood. We happened to be in the village and I asked to capture the moment. Everyone lined up for a photo, some a little confused at what this foreign woman was doing.

After I snapped this photo, and we were introduced to the visiting police (“Yes, there are quite a number of foreigners living in my area. Maybe 10 or 12.”), he leaned over to Tod and whispered, “Tod-san, be careful with your grass-cutter.”

Now Tod looked confused. Why was Maeda-san telling him to be careful with the (actually rather dangerous) grass-cutter? It wasn’t a warning to be careful with the tool, but about it. There have been some thefts of grass-cutters recently and he noticed we’d left ours outside yesterday.

Thank you, sir! Good advice from watchful eyes, as always. Maeda-san is an ideal local patrolman. He knows everyone. He knows what’s going on. I must to chime in my agreement on the annual recognition. Hope you enjoy your cyclamen.