Organising the studio

I often wait to write here until I have an outcome, but I think this time the process is interesting enough to put down into words. And as always, writing helps me to clarify my thoughts. What I am thinking is…

The new space upstairs is a terrible studio.

My yoga area is pretty good. I’ve worked out (more or less) how to make the east side work for my online classes and we fit five of us scattered through the room to practice together. I use the striped carpet as a guide for position my video during Zoom classes. It’s different than the old space, but it is fine.

I think the guest “room” is okay, too. I’d like to figure out a more elegant way to store the bedding, but it’s comfortable to sleep under the eaves.

We’re also using the upstairs for long term storage of bulky items like suitcases, emergency supplies, and holiday decor. I will be able to tuck those things deeper under the eaves behind the room-facing stuff.

My desk is fine, too. I positioned it at the west end, where I can turn around to look down through the railing into the dining room and even peek out the glass door. It’s a distraction-free zone and I like that for writing and working.

So those all seem to be suitable. Am I being dramatic about “The new space upstairs is a terrible studio”? Well, the problem is the art and sewing stuff.

If I store my paper, canvases, paints, pens and such under the low section, I can’t access them without hitting my head on the ceiling or beams. I am currently sitting here with a blinding headache and pupils of different sizes thanks to whacking my head while stowing fabric in the tea chest this morning. It’s not the first time I’ve hit my head and this time wasn’t even that hard! I might need to wear a helmet.

While I emptied out boxes I realised that the furniture I relocated to the dining room so we’d have a dining table and storage there was essential to the way I had my studio organised. I have to start all over.

It’s taking shape, but I am a long way from being able to actually create here. For one thing, I don’t have a work surface any more. Where will I cut paper to bind books? There is no place to set up the sewing machine. I think I need a folding table.

And there it is. Now that I’ve written it out and thought it through, the studio isn’t as bad as I stated. It’s different than before. Unfamiliar territory. And it’s going to be a lot of work to put together. But not terrible by any means.

And Maura still likes my lap, so really, everything is okay.

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