First Week at 555

I am enjoying living in the house that I’ve already spent so much time in as a construction site. There are memories of the process layered underneath every nook and cranny of the space. And now we are layering it with our history and our future. Friends have brought flowers to brighten the space, too.

We’ve been busy this week – from unpacking and organising (where did all this stuff come from and why is it in my house?) to going to city hall to do our official address change. There’s been a lot of shopping to along with repurposing old things in new ways. There is plenty more to unpack, but we are making progress. I am saving my studio for last…

Maura and Beryl are settling in pretty well, exploring and relaxing, but Fritter ran off three days ago after hiding in the shed. There’s no sign of him nearby or at the old house. We are hoping he strolls back in soon but it is out of our control and that is stressful and worrying. In the meantime, we built cat stairs so that he has a grand entrance when he returns.

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