Typhoon Test

Typhoon #13 blew in and Kamogawa experienced record-breaking rainfall – 297 mm in 24 hours. Rivers flooded in town, the main coastal road is closed, power went out briefly in some places, and eight folks had to be rescued. Not quite the disaster level of Typhoon #19 four years ago, but still a big storm.

We spent our Friday staying cosy and dry in the house. We unpacked a lot of boxes as the rain pounded the roof. As far I can tell, the roof didn’t leak. All those meetings and the 1:1 scale model kept it tight.

When the rain falls heavily, the water sluices off the roof in an arc, landing about half a meter out from where it usually falls. I will take this into consideration when planning the drainage and hardscaping.

The cats, already unsettled, had a difficult day. I had to convince Fritter that I could not adjust the weather for him. He wanted to go outside and he wanted to be dry. I left the back door open for him to watch the rain and during breaks in the deluge, he went out.

He discovered the shed and found a spot under the roof where he can perch and be dry. But he doesn’t like coming back to the house through the wet grass and will sit and cry at me until I go get him.

Fritter’s going to nag me until I cut the grass, isn’t he?

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