Cat transitions

For the first 24 hours, the cats hunkered into corners of the 2nd floor or wandered around crying loudly and inconsolably. They sniffed their favorite bedding but disdained it and only settled when I went upstairs to sleep with them. It was a long night. I am happy to report that the guest space is quite cozy.

Yesterday afternoon, they went outside before Typhoon #13 arrived. One by one, we buttered their paws and carried them out to the front garden. Each took the same general route to the back of the house towards the Ent and eventually into the woods. They showed their personalities along the way.

I didn’t follow them as they went into the thick jungle. I did some gardening where they could hear and smell me. Eventually the washing machine delivery guys arrived and I went inside. The cats were out way past sunset. I worried, of course, that they were lost. But then I heard the boys meowing and saw this:

The exercise and freedom cleared their mood. They were calmer overnight. As soon as the typhoon is past us, I will build the entry porch to the Neko Iriguchi (cat door) so they can come and go. This will reduce their unhappiness considerably.

This morning they are exploring and pushing boundaries indoors as the typhoon pours rain down on us.

Fritter has probably never seen his reflection like this; the old house didn’t have a big mirror. He is not a fan of the strange cat in the bathroom and sits outside the door meowing.

Last night I was trying to figure out where to put the other half of the cat food can, which went on top of an inaccessible shelf in the old kitchen. Tod suggested the flat top of the range hood. Fritter and Beryl figured that out easily enough by this morning. Glad the hood can support the weight of two cats! (I moved the cat food to the fridge.)

I predicted Beryl would be the first on the beams. I was right, but it happened sooner than I expected! Her route was kitchen counter to top of the fridge to top of the cabinets to beam. She tried to get around the post, but eventually gave up and came back down to ground level.

It’s going to be a bit longer before everyone finds their equilibrium here, but Maura’s back on my lap. I am happy that there is progress.

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