Tile Mines, phase 3

Trick? Treat? I’m not sure yet. My Halloween was spent moving all of the tiles I sorted last year from Hangar eight up to 555.

There are seven pallets, a dozen trays, at least 8 bags, and a wheelbarrow. They occupy the spot where the old outhouse used to stand. It is literally tons of tiles. The guys moved them on the pallets, using the yumbo, two steel poles and heavy duty straps. It was a marvel of balance, planning, skill, and a bit of luck.

I am making a plan to sort them. There are multiple characteristics to sort by:

  • Thickness – This is the first sort. Generally, you want tiles of the same thickness for an even surface. It doesn’t matter if the color or size matches if one tile is twice as thick as the other. I will make as many piles as there are thicknesses. Then I will sort each pile by:
  • Color – blues, greys, whites, etc.
  • Size – 15x 15, 30×30, 15×30 and so on.
  • Texture – grippy vs smooth. No slippery floors.

By the time I get the tiles sorted, I will be able to sail through the final step – deciding which tiles go where in the new house. I know are going to be the floor in the doma; a kitchen backsplash; maybe an accent wall behind the toilet; some outside of the house; and in the barn there is lots of opportunity for tile. But exactly which tiles will depend on how many I have of each and what my options are, which requires knowledge of the inventory.

Before I sort, I will make a space where I can spread out to work. And since I won’t need the tiles til April, maybe, I need to think hard about where and how to store the sorted tiles neatly. This is going to be more challenging than the sorting itself.

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