Nama-con #1

Yesterday was the first pour of concrete. This is just a few centimeters deep to form a base for the rebar and the 2nd pour of the pad. Those will be done at the end of next week. From now until Friday, the concrete sets and there’s not much else to see.

This first pour completely refocusses the project in my mind. Now there’s a big rectangle of immovable material and the house is literally taking shape. I feel like from here forward, even though there is still plenty of the landscaping work that I love to do, the building itself is the main point.

Before the pour, I added some magic to the house by placing four small colored tiles onto the tamped gravel, one in each corner. They form a glaucous CMYK.

Yellow went into the SE corner where the front door will be; cyan is NE, the bedroom; magenta is NW, the kitchen; black is SW, the dining room. What does it mean? I’m not sure yet.  I will construct some meaning around the colors and build a new magical tradition for our home.

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