Wonder 2022

It came to me this morning, and settled solidly as the correct word after I had tried on and discarded dozens of candidates. WONDER will guide me in 2022.

I considered rise, set, learn, blossom, build, act. They are all good, but none quite felt like the right next step after 2021’s ‘observe.’ Observe was an excellent one. I feel I spent a lot of time paying attention to the world around me and the relationships of people in it.

This coming year will be one with all aspects of wonder: a sense of amazement; a spectacular thing; questioning and speculation; and feeling awestruck. Wonder encapsulates all that and reminds me to live with a sense an open-hearted curiosity and an appreciation for everything around me.

Here are all the words since I started practicing this:

2009, no shopping
2010, connect
2011, relate
2012, engage
2013, move
2014, develop
2015, explore
2016, realise
2017, open
2018, be
2019, light
2020, flourish
2021, observe

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