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This morning, Typhoon #10 is bucketing down outside and the cats are going crazy, all of their morning calisthenics taking place in the office instead of outside. By the time yoga starts in an hour, I think they will be crashed out and sleeping. But for now, there is a great deal of scurrying and play fighting happening in Tod’s office and mine.

On Friday we went into Tokyo to receive our second dose of the Moderna vaccine. Tod’s workplace organised a vaccination drive and we got in on that, because otherwise, we’d have been waiting for our municipality to have capacity later in the year. I am relieved that we have reduced our chance of serious illness.

Between vaccinating and boarding the bus home, we stopped into the Daimaru depachika and got some deli foods and a beautiful fruit tart to celebrate.  It was an indulgence that reminded meof Jo’s postulate, “You can’t leave the house in Tokyo without spending 5000 yen.” I think that also applies to country mice visiting the city.

Before the jab, I had prepared for side effects by stocking up on cold drinks and making sure we had easy to prepare foods like leftovers. But really, I got off lightly on the side effects. I spent yesterday moderately feverish and achey, but after about 8 hours, I took a painkiller for the headache that was forming and that knocked back all of my symptoms. I slept soundly and feeling pretty normal this morning.

Ready to lead yoga, if the cats will calm down.