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Recently, Fujii-san acquired 12 tons of tile that was going to be sent to the dump by a construction company. 8 enormous bags of it that needed to be lifted by crane. Each bag is filled with completely random odds and ends from projects. There’s all kinds of stuff in there, bathroom tiles for floor and wall, some mosaic tiles, terracotta, you name it. Plain colors, fancy designs. Shiny tiles.

I have taken on the mission of sorting these 12 tons of tiles. I worked my way through half of them last week. By Friday I had finished four bags and started on the fifth. To me this is a a treasure chest, or a jewelry box, or a Christmas stocking of delight. Pick your metaphor. My reward for the work is as many tiles as I can use. I will be tiling my bathroom, kitchen, patio, closets…

I took a four days off for the weekend, wet weather, and a prior commitment. This morning I begin part 2. The work is hot and hard. My hands hurt from so much gripping. At this point, I am running out of boxes, palettes and blue sheets so we will see what happens. But it will be another week or so to empty the rest of the bags. After the initial sort, an inventory and figuring out storage. And then…tile the world!