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Breakfast cookie, hell yes!

Normally February is the shortest month, but this year I decided to stop eating sugar. That turned 28 days into a very long month, indeed.

I did it, though. And now it’s over. I’ll celebrate with a cookie for breakfast! Honestly, though, I will proceed on a course of more mindful consumption of sugar. I will indulge but not inhale my sweets.

Was a month without sugar worth it? Yes, probably.

I lost almost 3 kg of weight – enough to fit comfortably into my “tight” yoga bra and let the insides of my thighs see light again. That feels good. Disappointingly, I didn’t notice any improvements in my energy or clarity. Frankly, I was more crabby than usual when cravings hit me. I soldiered on, using raisins and fruit as a substitute for chocolate when necessary.