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I have absolutely no patience for doing social media marketing. Or marketing generally. I realise that to sell my work I have to do something to promote it, but I can’t even. Especially not “on the socials.”
Social media marketing experts who I’ve tried to learn from online make me roll my eyes and grimace in disgust. Perky, creepy, pushy, and yuck.
Their productised systems are all effectively the same: post X times a day/week/month; use these canned prompts, templates, and captions; engage commenters to build fans and close sales. After reading through these systems, I can spot the people using them because they come across as insincere, faux-thentic, unsubtle. Perky, creepy, pushy, and yuck.
The artist and designer in me enjoys making SM graphics. Above are a bunch I did for Drawing Meditations last week. Some are class promos, others are tips and they all make me itch a little bit.

I hate sharing them into the thrum of overhype and egoistic self-promotion that is social media. We all want to make a living, but do we all have to be rockstars online?
I’m gonna stick to word of mouth and referrals. You’ll see the socials, too, but…yuck.