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Although I embarked on my theme word selection in November, when I was planning and teaching the first of three sessions of “One Little Word” for Drawing Meditations, it took me until today to finally decide that this year’s word is OBSERVE.

It’s the word I started with, but on reflection in the workshops my perspective changed and changed again before I gave up on having a word at all. But observe kept coming to mind and so it is clearly the word that is guiding me, whether I have selected it or not. And so it shall be.

Observe, like most of my theme words, has multiple meanings. Of course it conjures up having a “close look in detail” but it also means to practice or celebrate, as in observing holidays and rituals. And on top of that, it is an opportunity to speak out, as in “I observe that unlike “flourish” in 2020, “observe” will suit 2021 without unintended consequences.”

Here are all the words since I started practicing this:

2009, no shopping
2010, connect
2011, relate
2012, engage
2013, move
2014, develop
2015, explore
2016, realise
2017, open
2018, be
2019, light
2020, flourish