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JalapeƱos, habaneros and jalokia (ghost) peppers, locally grown, are a highlight of our late summer farmer’s market shopping

This year, we got our chilis right before the typhoon and power outage so we couldn’t freeze them. Instead I sun-dried half of them and put the other half into vinegar.

After ten days, I bottled the vinegar and thought I’d use the pickled peppers to make a sauce, but the slurry was a chemical weapon so I poured it into the garden where I wanted to discourage the cats. The decanted vinegar is so hot that I can’t imagine using more than a drop of it at a time.

The dried peppers got air and sun for several weeks until they turned crispy and now I’ve put them away in these little bags. Not sure how Tod will choose to incorporate them into our meals, but if you want something spicy, our house is definitely the place to come.