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I am enjoying life in Bangalore. We’ve been here for three weeks. The traffic is dreadful and the mosquitoes plague me, but this city is full of people I love. Having friends somewhere makes the visit rich and wonderful.
We’re staying with Shreyas and Arun. I’m not sure how to appreciate them properly. They are terrific guys who tolerate – even encourage – our experiments in their kitchen and my DIY projects. Their place is always called Home with the capital H obvious from the way it’s said. We are Home. It is good.
People in the neighborhood are getting used to us. The guys at the vegetable cart down the road help me find the nicest beetroots. The guards in the apartment building wave hello as we return from our shopping. The other night I held a puppy at the supermarket while its owner was checking out. Shreyas’s housekeeper asked Tod where I was when I was off at HasGeek one morning. Today I finally spotted the rodents that live in the garden and eat the compost and scraps.
We’ll leave Bangalore tomorrow. This might be the first time in a long time I haven’t been ready to return to Tokyo after a long journey. I will truly miss Home.