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While staying at Shreyas’ place, I made six beautifully hand-crafted but torn cane chairs useable again with painted plywood seats. They aren’t fancy, but you won’t fall through them.
I measured the chairs and went to Workbench Projects to use their tools. We carried a sheet of plywood through Bangalore traffic from the nearby supplier – that was fun. Actually, everything at Workbench was fun. It’s bright large and neatly organised! The staff are great and we all juggled together. If you need to make stuff in Bangalore, you should go there. They have hand and power tools, 3D printers, and a co-working space, too.
Back home, I painted the cut plywood with a creamy colored enamel and let it dry for many hours between coats. Then, uncertain how best to attached the seats to the frames I’d pulled all the can from, I opted to simply sit them there. Glue will ruin the chair for future reworking and the holes from the caning make nails and screws impractical.
Hooray for DIY