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Exploring Intuitive Art with Oracle Cards


Do you have a deck of angel, chakra, wisdom, tarot, or other oracle cards? Let me show you six ways that you can use them to guide your art. Give your cards new life and put a tool in your artbox.

Find insight with the help of your favorite cards. These six exercises will help you to make connections and receive subconscious messages by drawing pictures and using the cards for inspiration, comparison and storytelling. Each exercise has a slightly different focus and process.

Any style of art will work with these techniques – abstract, landscape, tangle art, portraiture. Bring your favorite art supplies, oracle cards, and your imagination.

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10 full-color A4 pages
6 exercises with step-by-step instructions
6 illustrated case studies using a variety of cards from artists around the world
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Printable PDF

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A big thank you to the independent artists who designed the cards used for the examples in this book:
Mandala Essence Cards, drawn by Heather Dettmann for Barbara Morrison’s Nature’s Narrative project, which promotes well-being in body, speech and mind. Each card depicts a hand-drawn mandala on the front inspired by the botanical listed on the back. The cards feature a short mantra as well as the properties of the essential oil of each botanical.

Lenormand decks combine illustrations with standard playing cards. With a 200 year tradition, you’ll find many design variations for sale in specialty shops and online.

Rider Waite Tarot is one of most recognisable tarot decks. You’ll find cards and instruction books in most bookstores or online.

Elements of Nature cards, created by Jenian at HelloBNatural, depict 30 concepts from nature – seasons, animals, and more. The downloadable, printable deck is available on Etsy:

Old Tyme Tarot by Alanna LP of Magdelena Tarot is a deck of collaged cards with a moody, mystic theme. The cards have been featured in Witch Way magazine and the full deck can be seen at

The Genesis Way cards by Liane Wakabayashi are not oracle cards; they were specificaly developed with intuitive art in mind. In fact, Liane’s classes were my introduction to intuitive art. The cards are paired with a book of meanings and exercises for each card – and there’s an app, too.


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