Last planting session

This morning was the last planting session of the season at Oyama Senmaida. This time we hosted 134 middle school kids from Yokohama.

I got my own section again, with more students this time. Unfortunately, I reinjured my foot last night by leaping out of bed at 1 am to investigate a loud squeaking noise and I was in pain. I dosed myself with painkillers and did my best but my focus was off.

The kids were a little challenging and I was frustrated at myself for not having the language skills to cope well with their issues. After they got the hang of what they were doing, I let them run with it for the most part.

The more experienced farmers certainly noticed me passively monitoring my group, because they came over one by one to chide the kids into doing things differently or offering more detailed instruction than I could. Thank you, gentlemen, for your assistance.

My section finished last of twelve but we managed to complete the task and everyone walked out unharmed. Except for one frogling which a boy pulled apart by the legs. Sigh.

Now that planting is over, grass cutting begins…

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