Week two, what did we do?

Jeanie and Tim are returning home today and I have a week’s worth of memories to journal. I tried to take more photos this time, but I still failed to capture all the moments.

Tuesday, April 30: A slow morning. Laundry. It was rainy so we spent a day at home. There might have been a nap. Games. Jeanie cooked dinner for us.

Wednesday, May 1: I built a fence in the morning before the next round of rain, and for lunch we went to Uttsumian Kase to enjoy their soba. Everyone agreed that the herring soba is spectacular.

Thursday, May 2: I spent the morning at Kohoku hospital having an inflamed tick bite checked out. Then we ventured off to lunch at Banya to try (and like) an adventurous tuna cheek, and climbed a lot of stairs for the dragon’s cave at Fusuhime Roketsu to give context to the Hakkendo (Eight Warrior Dogs) legend for Tim.

Friday, May 3: Soil to Soul Farmpark’s Children’s Festival took up my day. The koi nobori booth was fun! While I did that, Jeanie and Tim went to Tasukake for a fan-making workshop. It was a crafty day all around.

Saturday, May 4: Tod’s birthday! We prepared for and hosted a cocktail party on the patio. Lunch was a bit of a miss as GW really clogged up (or closed) the options Tod hoped for. But we lunched at Yamasou, then continued down Rt 89 into town for groceries (ice cream for the cake) and made a stop to admire the view at Uomizuka.

Sunday, May 5: Another beautiful day with our preferred restaurants closed for the holiday. It turned out well, because we ended up lunching at a retro restaurant, Suehiro, in Tateyama where Jeanie and Tim both tried their first Oyakodon. Then Tod drove us to Kajika Bridge and its seven waterfalls. He is so good at remembering all these lovely, secluded power spots.

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