Patio touches

I wanted to call these “final touches” but let’s face it, nothing is ever final. But for now, the patio is ready to go.

I planted two dozen moss flox (shiba-zakura, an old-fashioned favorite in Japan), plus another 2 dozen assorted low growing herbs and plants like wooly thyme, veronica, and Coriscan mint in the intersections of the pavers. I will add (see, it’s already not final) some tufted grass to fill more of the space, but everything I’ve planted has a creeping or spreading habit, so it should fill in nicely over time.

Tod found us the perfect outdoor dining set. The 37.5 kg tile table appears to be wind-proof and passed its first test in a gusty storm yesterday. The plastic rattan chairs are very comfortable and there’s room for four to dine. It’s usually just the two of us, so please stop by for some snacks and enjoy the table with us.

I also set up a pair of low-wattage solar lights to highlight my favorite rocks and create a glow in the dark outdoor space. The garden no longer looks like a complete void from the indoors. To be honest, the utter blackness just outside the door was disconcerting.

I am very happy with the way this all turned out.

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