Stone Path

To my surprise and delight, the Monaca crew turned up the day after they brought the stones. Their other project was put on hold and they got started on my hardscaping.

I sketched out a concept and we started with a big irregular stone that is already a canvas for little nature mandalas and other art. And from there a path stretches towards the driveway. There are six stones aligned neatly and the rest shift back and forth in rows.

Placing the stones took a bit more than two days. The final result is very comfortable to walk on. It’s flat and sturdy. The slabs are spaced for easy walking. I wanted it to feel a bit like crossing a stream. Tod pointed out that it is perfect for hopscotch, too!

I will fill the gaps with dirt and plant into them with low grasses and herbs and other things that can be easily mowed and maintained. In the larger patches, I’ll put some wildflowers or maybe sculpture. We’ll see.

And beyond the stones, we are laying a patio. That’s moving along and I’ll share more when it is complete.

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