Flea Season

Forget spring, what we really have is flea and tick season. After yesterday’s tick bite on my leg, I went on alert and sure enough, I caught a little tiny tickling wandering on Maura’s fur in the evening. I combed him carefully and found two fleas as well. Great…

Flea combing the cats is a fun test of my skills. Each cat reacts differently to the comb. Maura generally tolerates it, as long as I give him head scritches and keep an eye out for his tail to start lashing. Then combing time is over.

Beryl is suspicious but so pliable in general that as long as I keep telling her she is a good girl, she sticks around. But the moment she has had enough (and who can predict when that will be?) she leaps away and will not let me comb her again for a couple of days.

Fritter despises being combed. He bites the comb and carries it away in his mouth. As challenging as that makes it, to be honest it is sweetly funny. I have to sneak up on him while he’s sleeping and get as much in as I can before he figures it out and steals my tool. For a three-legged cat, he can move quickly when he wants to. (See above night vision for a sample without a stolen comb.)

I managed to give everyone a reasonably good combing and then I dosed them with Frontline Plus. You can watch me bamboozle them with the promise of snacks in what may be the most boring video on the Internet:

The Frontline is strong and they will likely feel sick today and stay inside to rest. I hate having to give them medicine, but I also hate any of us being bitten by ticks and fleas.

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