Sayonara, Kaneya route.

Nitto Kotsu has announced one of the local bus routes in our area will be ending on March 31. The Kaneya line (marked in red) is finishing on March 31st.

From April 1, you will no longer be able to take a bus all the way across the peninsula between the Tokyo Wan ferry terminal and Awa-Kamogawa station.

Currently, hourly buses alternate between going to the ferry and going to our neighborhood, Hiratsuka. From April 1, all buses will start and end at Hiratsuka Hongo. (yellow route)

Schedule from 4/1.

This is good news for the people living on the Hiratsuka spur; we’ll have twice as many buses per day. That would have been really wonderful back in our early days living here when we had no car.

But it is bad news for anyone starting their journey west of Hiratsuka Iriguchi. And especially so for visitors coming from the ferry without a car. They will need to take the train around the bottom of the peninsula to reach Kamogawa and then take the bus. This adds up to two hours to the journey. Ridership is low, so this change won’t impact too many people. But the ones who are hit will suffer.

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