Origami Vision Boarding, Part 2

After defining my actions and assigning them colors (see part 1), I got to work on a collage using origami paper.

I began by cutting some random shapes and moved them around on the page until they started to tell a story. I filled in the details as the story unfolded itself in my head.

The calm of purple under the waves.
A boat on the sea.
A storm of wind above. 
The figure precariously balanced.

The colors are tightly connected to my actions and grouped together unintentionally in a way that strengthens the meaning of the story.

The blue figure is lit from behind by the sun creating a glow around them. This is my work as a graphic designer being supported by home and art. But they are precariously balanced on a boat in a storm. The boat represents a safe place of leadership, community, and art. The winds and waves are trouble points: Japanese language, stamina, and collaborations. There are pockets of calm under the waves, with bubbles floating up from below. The calm is gardening and the bubbles are outdoor spaces at home.

The unbalanced figure was unsettling. And then I took the next step and randomly selected a card from the Genesis cards. Trust. The moral of the story on the page became more clear. Even in the storm, trust yourself to balance. Though the waves toss you, there is calm underneath.

Next step in the workshop: evolve this into a painting.

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