Tod was in Tokyo last week and just before he came home, I decided to rearrange the living room furniture. I am not sure why I got the fever to do this, but I did. And I am glad for it.


I liked the old arrangement just fine. The sofa created an endpoint in the room before the doors to the doma. There was a practical, wide corridor to walk straight through to the kitchen with groceries. The rug anchored the furniture in the larger space. It was cosy.

But the energy was off (hello, feng shui) and I didn’t realise that until I changed it. For example, the straight corridor let ghosts come right in.

When I feverishly moved things around on Saturday morning, I tried a couple of arrangements leaving the chair where it was and putting the sofa under the windows and then on the wall. But it felt off until I moved the chair between the windows and the tall cabinet to the other corner.


Keeping the rug where it was and moving the furniture to the long sides gives the sofa a proper view out the windows to the trees in the garden. From the chair, there is a clear view of the kitchen window and the Hmm glass. Shadows from the dining room play on that big wall like a movie screen showcased for an audience in the chair.

More space opened up by changing the orientation of the seating; the room feels larger. There is no longer a wide corridor but there’s enough room to maneuver (except for parties, maybe). And at both ends of the room, especially towards the dining room, there is space for impromptu dancing, a ukulele concert, or even yoga. I have a subtle stage in my own house. I love it.

Fritter was confused.
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