The barn is next

It’s been three months since we moved into 555. Next week I have a meeting with Sasaki-san about renovating the 120 year old barn that sits next to the house.

It was a dairy barn for generations, but its been out of use for decades. The floors are still dirt and mud, but there’s no smell of cows. The back wall is still slatted for air flow and so cows can look out.

Its a wreck. But it has potential to be beautiful again. There are beautiful heavy beams in the hayloft that are ready to be revived.

I’d like to fix it up to include an office for Tod, a second toilet with shower, a multipurpse open space and a sleeping loft for guests. The tractorport will get an overhaul, too, with a concrete floor and fresh roof.

But first, we need to make it safe and sound. That’s going to mean jacking it up, cutting off the rotten bottoms of the posts and replacing them. Then pouring concrete to make a stable, level waterproof floor (I think, or maybe there’s another way), and also repairing the roof.

After that, we can work on the walls, windows, doors, plumbing and electrical systems, and finishes. I expect a more rustic and utilitarian building than the house, but even that will be a lot of work.

I am looking forward to talking to Sasaki-san next week.

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