Intuition session with Christine

I recently enjoyed an intuition session – a sort of psychic reading – with my friend Christine from Clarity with Christine. I find it useful occasionally to get perspective that’s outside self-reflection. I interpret and absorb what she describes into a deeper understanding of myself.

Christine’s readings are a creative experience. As you would expect, we start with deep breathing and relaxation. And then she gives a few tableau that she has seen recently relating to me. In this case, she had a vision of me walking among giant cat statues that looked perhaps Egyptian. There was a strong sense of my parents’ energy around me, especially Dad’s. She asked some questions around those aspects. The answers I gave found their way into the stories in different ways.

Then Christine closes her eyes and starts to reel out a description of the movie that is playing in her head. Using the chakras as a framework, she scans my energy and describes what she sees.

This time, I decided to take some notes and to draw as she spoke.

I was bathed in a blue light so pale it was almost not there. My brain was floating a meter above my body and a golden light like a shooting star was beaming down to it. She directed me to let the light into my busy pink brain where I was getting stuck in a maze of anxiety, fear, and panic. The light cleared the blocks from all the paths so that I could walk freely through the labyrinth of my mind, fingers touching the corridors on both sides.

My third eye was open and shining blue rays in all directions.

She visualised me and Tod connected with little black cords, like electrical lines from throat and spine to torso. Guilt and resentment, creating tension. I cleared the lines by burning them away, letting each one sizzle with my abundant masculine energy.

And then we got to the heart space. This turned out to be the main event and an interesting scene with a lot of meaningful descriptions.

Dad and I were in his workshop in a garage. There were lots of tools. The light from some clerestory windows lit up the cobwebs and dust in the air, exposing the dirt but also created a prism effect. We were dressed in denim coveralls and had donned goggles. I was a teenager; Christine said I was cute. 😉

My bigger-than-life heart was on a hydraulic lift.

Dad was chiselling away gently at some yellow stuff at the front of my heart. I forgot to ask what that yellow stuff represented.

I had a huge handsaw and was sawing away at dark splotches of plaque at the back, right, and bottom of my heart. Christine labelled these as: loneliness; separation; sadness; what I gave up; questioning life in Japan; worrying about time.

To the left, my mother, her sister-friend, and my grandmother were massaging my heart, as if kneading bread or braiding a challah. Bringing it back into a solid, steady heart rhythm.

After I finished sawing out the black stuff in my heart, I opened the garage door. The pale blue light streamed in and so did neighbors and friends. They pitched in and helped to clean up the garage, sweeping out cobwebs and dust.

Then we were entering a new scene.

I stepped out of the garage into a backyard jungle full of lush plants, tropical flowers, bird in riotous colors. Monkeys in the trees. And all the cats and dogs I have ever loved. I walked through this thick growth, moving from light to shadow, cool to warm, the patterns of many lifetimes. Heading towards a bright clearing.

Christine described big sacral energy – bright red in my belly and hips. She said vines were tangled around my feet and legs, especially on the left side. The climbed over my shoulder and back. I ripped them away.

The cats followed me toward the clearing. They were joined by wild cats: lion on my right side lounging in the sun, a jaguar, a cheetah, tigers. I was surrounded by cats of all kinds. Was I a cat goddess?

In the moss-covered clearing one of the giant cat statues sat as if a temple. There were two others nearby. I knelt reverently in front of it, and enjoyed the texture of the moss under my fingers.

You can understand why I enjoy these intuitions sessions; I have an active imagination and enjoy playacting. It was easy to feel the fire burning those black cords. I gestured wildly IRL as I ripped the vines from my legs. I saw the light filtering into the garage and remembered a prism that I got for Christmas; had memories of all of my long-gone pets. My brain and heart outside my body – so interesting to consider what that might mean.

I am the one who interprets and decides what these symbols, people, animals, and colors mean to me. My intuition guides me to deeper meaning that the visions that Christine narrates to me.

She also tucked some questions into the scenarios: what is a pattern I want to cut away; what am I hungry for; what unmet expectations am I trying to live up to?

Lots to think about. I am glad I took notes.

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