When we first looked at 555 in March of 2021, there were four shipping containers on the property. They were being used as storage sheds for household stuff, tools, and farming materials. Two were disassembled before the build started. One came down this summer when I wanted to use stones underneath it.

This week, the final container was moved from our driveway to Oyama Senmaida, where it will be actively used. They crew came with a big crane truck, looped straps around the container, lifted it into the truck, and away they went. It took maybe 30 minutes from start to finish.

The difference is bigger than I expected. Now you can see the barn as you come up the driveway. Renovations on the barn will start soon as you can see they are clearly needed.

And the view from the driveway is expanded to reveal more foliage and the Blueberry Road. Now I need to think about how to use the space we just gained.

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