Yoga classes upstairs

This weekend, with house guests and local friends all gathered to help us move, we did our yoga sessions together in the upstairs of 555. (Still need a name for the upstairs!)

We comfortably fit five people. Plus Mamiko joined us via Zoom from her mountain cabin. She’s our best class photographer.

On Saturday we practiced a sequence to stretch all of our major muscle groups, and on Sunday did a movement meditation that involved tuning into our bodies with gentle swaying, tapping, shaking, and free movement.

It was a joy to lead classes in person. Everyone’s energy and mood mixed together, giving me a fresh frame of mind. I was able to offer massage at the end of class. Human touch is so important to our well-being and I have missed sharing that moment of connection.

I look forward to leading more yoga at 555 whether it’s upstairs or outside.

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