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In Japan, paper is the wall covering of choice. Paint is less common because painted walls show minor earthquake damage more easily than wallpaper. Also, because paint is done less frequently, the tape and putty used on drywall isn’t as fine or tapered as it is in the US, for example.

So wallpaper is the way we are going. Fortunately, it comes in a multitude of colors, patterns and functions.

I have leafed through the sample book that Sasaki-san provided (online version here) and finally narrowed down the choices. And, as with the lighting, I prepared a presentation so that I can give Tod my ideas and we can play around with combinations.

I won’t make a final decision until I can see the kitchen cabinets in place. They are enamel so the color is unchangeable. The color name is “mixed wood white” which is white with grey stripes and a hint of beige. But that could really look like anything in the light of my own space. So once I see it in the house (June 14th!) then I can make the final choices on wallcoverings.

I was totally disappointed by the Tile Mines last week. Though I have enough tiles to do the doma floor in a patchwork of colors and sizes, there’s not enough of any single white tile to put in the kitchen. I need 2.5 to 3 square meters. I will have to buy tiles. My preference is for the ones pictured above – glazed red clay in three shades of warm white plus a bluish grey. They sort of go with the grey of the cabinets, and create a connection between the cool and warm colors of the floors, the stainless counter, etc. Again it’s another choice to be confirmed after the kitchen is installed, though I need to tell them before installation how thick the tiles will be so that they leave the correct sized gap next to the range hood.

I will be very busy on June 15th making all the final decisions! Beryl says she will help me. I think she’ll be good at that since her own colors are cool and warm.

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