Wired-in lights

I have been through numerous paper and digital catalogs and this morning I had about a hundred open browser tabs of lighting companies in Japan. It’s been months of comparison and research. I have finally figured out most of the lighting fixtures that I need to purchase for the electrician to install.

I want Tod’s approval on these, so I made a PowerPoint to summarise. Here is it:

Over the front and back doors. Bright, simple lights but the wrong color fixture.
On opposite corners near the sliding glass doors, we’ll mount spotlights that swivel.
The same light can work under the kitchen cabinets and in the washing machine space.
Bathroom lights are all ugly; these are least ugly.

Some of the factors in my decision-making:

  • Bright enough; the house is shady inside and dark outside at night.
  • Warm color temperature or adjustable.
  • High CRI/Ra to render colors accurately.
  • Replaceable bulbs (built-in LEDs go bad far too often/soon).
  • Dimmable fixtures or standard sockets so I can use smart bulbs.
  • Price is a factor, especially when buying built-in LEDs.

I still need to suss out the moveable fixtures like what is going to hang on the duct rails or plug into the ceiling outlet/rosettes. But I have a little more time for that since we can put those in after we move.

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