What if everything’s a spectrum?

Neurodiversity, gender identity, sexual preference, politics, religion, mental illness, physical wellness. While we aim for some personal goal or societal endpoint, all of our lives seem to be lived on a spectrum. A sliding scale. A gradient. A tapestry.

What if all points on any spectrum were acceptable?

Grey areas, in. Black and white, out.
Edges, in. Insides, out.
Be yourself, in. Labels, out.
Infinite fractions, in. Binaries, out.
Julia sets, in. Platonic solids, out.
Subjectivity, in. Objectivity, out.
Questioning, in. Dogma, out.
Curiosity, in. Convictions, out.
Adequacy, in. Perfection, out.
Acceptance, in. Judgement, out.

I’ve had a lot of thoughts about spectrums lately.

I feel like we are at an inflection point at this point in history and recognising that there’s “no good nor bad but thinking makes it so” is an important tool to make it through the changes.

And I’ve had even more questions than thoughts:

Where does this concept of spectrums fall into chaos? Is there topic that absolutely has to be A or B? Diversity is a spectrum, isn’t it? Are labels necessary? If so, can we make better ones? Are the farthest ends of the spectrum necessary? Who is really at those points, anyway?

Expect more posts as I clarify this huge philosophical question for myself.

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