In the Attic

Sasaki-san’s off today so that means I can poke around the construction site without troubling anyone. So my first priority today was to climb the ladder to walk freely (and carefully) around the freshly laid attic floor.

I love this space. Absolutely exceeds expectations. There is more room than I imagined. It is cosy. The shapes are nice. So many things I just couldn’t quite see in the floorplans make sense now and most are better than I imagined. A new perspective on the lofted spaces gives me better ideas for lighting.

Come on a little tour with me.

I want to spend time up here with you. Maybe after the railings go in, though.

P.S. I was ready to be disappointed today because the scheduled roofing work had to be postponed because of rain. But this was better than having a roof installed.

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