Crepuscular lessons

Fritter had a brief 9:30 pm walk with me. Another with Tod at 11:30pm. He then made loud requests to go outside every 90 minutes until I capitulated at 4:45 am.

His stitches are out and Fritter is ready to get back to normal. But normal is now chaperoned walks in a harness and he doesn’t like it. Neither do I. I would like to sleep without insistent demands that make me feel guilty and ruin my energy for the coming day.

This came across my path yesterday and I thought of it this morning at 5 am as I stood, soggy-footed in the mud of the “back forty” with Fritter.

I decided to see what this could teach me. Patience? Loving care? Appreciation for quiet and stillness?

I tried to experience what Fritter was observing. I watched the stars. We listened to the ducks waking up at taking flight. (Ducks wake up like they have no idea what is going on: Squaaaa, qua– quack quack!)

After a while, I decided to take some pictures as the sky lightened until only Mars and the brightest stars were visible.

After an hour, my soggy toes were chilled. Fritter was simply sitting in the mud, not walking, and not listening to my requests to come back inside. So I picked him up and carried him back to the house.

A girl can only do so much learning before breakfast.

Maura joined us moments before dawn.
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