Where new meets old

There are complications where the new stretch of ujiko meets the old.

Unlike the new part, which is measured carefully and levelled, the old section heads off at an angle, at a lower level, and on a slope. Trying to decide how to connect one to the other has involved a lot of discussion, measurements, and head scratching.

We pulled out three of the old sections and set in a new masu junction at the end of the new section. But in doing so, we unveiled a real drama. An irrigation pipe, still in active use for the blueberries, draped across the old drainage channel.

Since we plan to raise the level of the old section of ujiko to match the new, the pipe has to be moved somehow. I think we will somehow lower it to be under the drainage.

Mysterious drainage tunnel

And then there is the farther end of the drainage, which is weirdly covered by upside down ujiko, which happen to sit at about the height we are aiming at for the new ground level. How do we connect the upper and lower channels? A waterfall, maybe.

Stay tuned for more drainage stories….

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