Climate Catastrophe Dissonance

Bill McGuire’s book, Hothouse Earth: An Inhabitant’s Guide, came out this week and a lot of press are turning their attention to climate catastrophe. In the face of yet another summer of extreme heat, floods, drought and fires, it is pretty clear that we are facing the catastrophe in this generation. Right now and maybe for the rest of our future.

If this were a movie, there’d be some deus ex machina team of scientists who riskily launch a solution and save the planet. But IRL, I think we are in for food shortages, price increases, power outages, and terrible weather as we continue to do our best to live the way we always have. 

I am feeling a mix of “Well, damn, I hoped I’d be dead before this happened” with “I should have stuck to my guns about prepping and learning agriculture because I have very few practical skills to offer my community” and a hopeful “Is it time to plant mangoes?”

In the midst of all this bad news and these mixed feelings, I have a 9 am meeting at 555 with the foundation folks and a 10 am meeting with the kitchen guy. I am on the path to “Gonna Party Like It’s 1999.” But maybe I should just build a cave…

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