A New Canvas

I haven’t been writing much about our future house at 555, because everything has been very slow and the architect prefers that I don’t share his work too much. I didn’t feel comfortable writing about the design process that’s been going on since October. But lately the pace is picking up. The final drawings are almost ready. The contractors are lined up. We’ll have a quotation in hand next week.

In the meantime, especially over the past few months, the Kawasaki’s have done great work on our behalf, including removing the two big containers at the front of the barn. That revealed some drainage channels and the rusty old metal siding of the barn. A bit of an eyesore, to be honest. So I fixed it.

Painting the wavy rusted metal was an interesting experience. I tried all kinds of tools and techniques, starting with purple spray paint and eventually landing on finger painting (with gloves on) as the most fun and effective.

The finished painting – the biggest mural I’ve ever done – is more playful that beautiful, and I like it.  When the whim strikes, I will paint a more composed design. This is my wall now and so I can turn it into a public gallery for the few passersby who arrive here. It really does brighten up the entrance of the property.

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