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I have been waiting for today for 40 years. Ever since my first menstrual cycle at the late age of 15, I looked forward to the end of them. I never wanted children, so the whole middle phase of the Maiden-Mother-Crone cycle was troublesome and unwelcome for me.

And here I am, an official 12 months since my last period. I have reached menopause. I am a crone. Hooray!

I am excited to be in this new phase of my life, though I realise I have been the “wise old woman” for many of my friends for years before this. Today I step into it and own it fully: doling out wisdom and magic to all who cross my path. This is the phase of my life I was born for – elder goddess queen. A wisdom, a witch, a sage.

To celebrate, I fashioned a crown from a vintage brooch pin and a labradorite bead. There will be champagne and cake later.