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As you certainly noted from the previous posts, I am not an architect. But I need one in order to build the house. Even if I insist on one of my layouts, I have no idea about structural integrity, speccing systems like electricity and plumbing, how to cost out a plan, or what needs to be submitted for building permits and inspection.

For that, I need an architect. I am lucky to have a number of friends who are architects. They all know the project and I’ve sent them my 30 page PDF. (No, really, I did put together a presentation of my ideas and plans; just like thse blogposts but in powerpoint.) But in the end, I probably won’t avail my self of someone who I already know.  I have a feeling that I am going to be a somewhat difficult client, because I have a sense of what I want. And what I don’t want.  While I think I am open to being flexible and accepting changes and ideas, let’s just say I might be wrong about myself. So I don’t want to imperil my friendships. I’ll hire a stranger.

There are two who have made the cut.

Jason Ross is located in Australia. I appreciate his personable demeanor. He asks good questions. He has a menu of service options and is clear about what he can do from a distance. He will be a good resource for design sketches, but he won’t be able to do the heavy lifting of permit drawings, materials costing and other things I need help with.

Kenichi Teramoto lives just up the coast in Katsuura and we have a couple of friends in common, according to Facebook. He has returned from some years working in the Middle East and is establishing himself in Japan. I sent him my presentation and he came back with lots of good comments. He’s coming to see the site later this month and wants to meet my carpenter. This seems like it could be a very good match.

A lot of this choice comes down to matching personalities. We’ll see how this plays out and I’m sure I’ll have made a decision by the end of August.