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I started teaching yoga when I moved out of Tokyo in 2015. At first, I held a weekly class at Satoyama Design Factory, and then a daily class at Monaka, and from the start of the pandemic, a daily morning class via Zoom.

Today is Day 415 of the Zoom yoga class – I haven’t cancelled a single session and I am very proud of that.

I have learned a lot about teaching yoga, about practicing it, and about building community through yoga. It is time to share my resources to those who might need them. So I wrote a book. Actually, I wrote three books and published them on Kindle last month.

The first book is Teaching Community Yoga. It’s not a long book, about 6000 words. Unlike certain recipe blogs and cookbooks that make me cringe, I cut out most of the anecdotes and dove directly into useful, practical suggestions for how to start a yoga group and structure a class schedule, teaching tips born of experience and my mistakes, and how to keep things fresh for a group that meets regularly.

As I mentioned, it’s part of a three-book series. Satoyama Yoga Resources contains two even more practical books: Five Meditations which are read-aloud scripts for guided meditation; and Eighty Yoga Journalling Prompts, which is exactly what it sounds like. Later this year, I’ll publish a book of yoga class sequences, too.

You can buy Teaching Community Yoga on Kindle from Amazon US, Amazon Japan and elsewhere in the world.  I would love to sell a lot of copies or all of the books – at only $7 each, they are an affordable resource. So please go buy a book, and tell your friends and yoga loving family about them.