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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this post is over 48,000 words. A novella. I’ve collected one photo per month of 2020 in four categories. I tried to do a collage of cats, but it was too emotionally painful to look at all the photos and I stopped.  Here is the year in art, selfies, food and nature.

2020 in art. January, made some lamps; built a 3D mannequin for an event in February; made a bunch of free giveaways to cheer up our March; printed with leaves in April, drew “self-portrait with mask” in May; made art for the garden in in June; doodled during Zoom calls in July; gave Tilly long-promised ear decorations in August; September saw me finally get started on the painting I planned to do 4 years ago for my 50th birthday; October is Inktober and I drew every day of the month; November was all about skies getting ready for a Drawing Meditations class; and in December I played with white on black.

2020 in selfies. All emotions represented, I think. I’ll leave it to you to sort them out.

2020 in food. We ate well and made lots of new things. Marmalade, biryani, barbecue, cheese, hummus and pita, coffee roasting, wings, watermelon, venison meatballs, ice cream (31 for our 31st anniversary), gourd curry, boar sausages.

2020 in nature. Iyogatake, sunrise, sakura, frog, mulberries, bamboo, seashells, fallen trees, ohigan, cosmos, grass-cutting, Mt. Fuji.