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I am ridiculously proud of myself. At the end of August, I brought home a bag of Brach’s “Autumn Mix” from America and there are still candy corns left for Halloween. I have been rationing them out for two months. I feel like today I can indulge and eat all the rest as dessert after dinner.

Also to mark Halloween, this morning’s yoga had a trick or treat theme. I made a bunch of cards with poses on them. Half were treats – poses I know the group likes – the other half were poses we all whinge about. Everyone selected two cards and also created one (or more) of their own, then we went through all the poses. It was fun.

The card I created in class was “Acroyoga airplane” and I based so everyone could fly. Miako wore her witch hat to class, so when she was the flying witch was I the broom?

In the afternoon, I got myself into costume and Tod & I went around the villages to spread Halloween cheer. I juggled oranges and did some hoop tricks. Tod said I was the Oranges of Investigation, but I think only our American neighbors understood that.

Regardless, it was well received to do circus in the streets and in the shops of our friends. And we got treats from everyone! Thank you, friends.