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Mr. Mogura drowned in our yard yesterday. His beautiful little feet will no longer dig rills under the moss.

I am beyond tired of storms. As Typhoon #21 passed to the south of us, it dumped an entire month’s worth of rain. It flooded the downtown Kamogawa, as swollen tributaries joined together into one rushing and overflowing torrent.

Another expensive disaster. Another anomalous weather event.

The ocean is warmer than usual, making typhoons stronger and extending the season. Normally August – October, this year the first typhoon formed in January and there’s no end in sight.  I wonder how many more we will have. I dread seeing the typhoon icon that appears in my weather app when one is announced.

There are a lot of things we are learning from all this: the value of generators; of maintaining buildings so they don’t blow apart in the winds; of thinning the forests and removing dead trees.

I imagine there are more lessons on the way as we learn to navigate the new normal that Climate Crisis is  creating.