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A few months back, Tracey and I teamed up to make a new creative project. We launched something I think is unique to the world – or at least very uncommon so far – coloring pages with guided audio meditations. We call them Drawing Meditations

The idea takes two forms of meditative relaxation and combines them. Pairing coloring with meditation creates a powerful sense of ease and calm. Your left brain focuses on the technical aspects of coloring while your right brain enjoys flowing into the present moment with the meditation. It’s pretty cool and it really works well to distract your busy mind and give you some space to “just be” without any other pressures.
I drew the coloring pages and wrote and recorded the narration for the meditations. Tracey sourced all the materials for the Drawing Meditation gift sets we sell on Etsy. They are gorgeous little things and I especially love the pocket-sized coloring books. 
We are hosting an event on March 12th in Tokyo – a live version of Drawing Meditation. I’ll be presenting two new drawings plus a tutorial on coloring in techniques. It’s going to be great fun. You are invited to attend! The details for Coloring-In Party feat Drawing Meditations are on Facebook, or contact me directly.