Identity Crisis

Last night I had a strange and vivid dream. It touched on something that I have always wondered about secretly.

In the dream, my mother revealed a document that showed the true bloodlines of recent generations in our family. She’d had a curly-haired brother named Gabe who was killed in a knife fight when he was eight. There was a adopted cousin in my generation – one I don’t know in waking life. And most relevant to me, and why my dream mother was showing me this document, I was not actually my parents’ child but the love child of my father’s brother and some unknown woman. They took me as their own to save face for the family. And that’s why my birthday was April Fool’s Day.

That is where dream life and real life collide a bit. Mom swears I was due in late January. Dad was a prankster. I’ve often wondered if I was actually born in January and somehow the records were changed to April 1, or if Mom has been stringing me along with this tale of being 8 weeks overdue. Something’s fishy.

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